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Wearing many hats... and wigs!


Adra Boo is a Seattle-born woman of many talents from performing, both theater and music, and songwriting to hosting and coaching. Some know her as half of the former Seattle indie-soul band Fly Moon Royalty. She has been on stages across North America, in different capacities, for twenty years. Getting her start in theater, she has learned to own and captivate stage space and audiences alike. Her voice has been mentioned alongside big-name R&B divas, and her style encompasses her adoration of those women before her.

Performer/Songwriter: "What all does she do?"

In the Universe, music constantly calls to me, and I, of course, respond accordingly. Be it performing original music or covers on all sizes of stages, both solo and in collaboration, to studio recording, to song writing, to back-up singing... or perhaps cabaret and burlesque, acting or directing- yes, indeed, I started in theater! I started acting in 1997, and the stage has remained a 2nd home ever since, lending it's hand to me via stage management and directing. I also attended Freehold Theater Lab as a Diversity Scholarship Student from '06-'07 So yes, I have done a bit of it all and it's still my heart!

Emcee: "Let her tell it!"

Hand me the microphone, and I will grab the attention of the crowd. From weddings to non-profit and corporate meetings and events, I have hosted them all. I've emceed cabaret shows to music shows, fundraisers and parties alike. If you have a message to relay, let me tell your story!

Coaching (Encouragement, Stage): "Get your life!"

With over 20 years of stage experience, I have learned plenty of tricks to owning my space on stages. As a matter of fact, I can help you to own your space as well. Let me help you to feel more comfortable presenting, whether it's for a performance, a wedding ceremony, a speech, a pitch or presentation for your business, or just karaoke at the local hangout.

Formerly of Fly Moon Royalty: "They made HELLA magic!"

One of the more adventurous duos from the fertile 206 hip-hop scene, Fly Moon Royalty’s charismatic DJ Action Jackson and front woman Adra Boo mix soulful beats and organic-sounding electronica into a mix of modern R&B that’s intelligent, erotic and utterly addictive.” 
-City Arts Magazine


"Bringing their by-now signature vocal prowess to a beat that could go 8 rounds with the Clipse' "Grindin", "Step Hard" is the ultimate warning shot that FMR is back in the arena.


The best way to explain their sound is to imagine if Beth Ditto and Erykah Badu had a baby, and that baby grew up and produced a record with Q-Tip.” 
-The Seattle Weekly



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4.15.2018 | Seattle Burlesque Marathong

Check out some of the highlights from emcee Adra Boo at Seattle Burlesque Marathong in Seattle Washington. The Burlesque Marathong, Co-Produced by Iva Handfull & Violet Tendencies. April 15, 2018 at Columbia City Theater Filmed & edited by Stell(R) Films.


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